Right Way

Don’t think as

Crush your enemies.

Think as,

How to be better than your enemies.

If you crush your enemy,

It not only effect them,

But also the persons

Who are depending them. . . ,


2 thoughts on “Right Way

  1. we were taught by our history that enemy must be crushed or they will crush you, we were told this is what called evolution and survival of the fittest game of life, but I like your point in the civilized way we have to change the way we lived before

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    1. Yes, we need a change. Change to right way. By thinking how to crush your enemy, your mind slowly getting cruel. You feel to crush everyone as your opponent and it will became a large mistake. By my way we have no -ve thoughts. So if everyone think like this there should love generate and at last enemy will became friend. And by this thought you will think only about your progress and it increase productivity. 🙂


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