Do something for society.

Being a Human


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  1. iii 101 rules !!! Sehr geili foeteli mues i also saege. Mer send metlerwile in BsAs und obwohls ae super stadt esch foer suedamerika moechti nor no weg do. Ich hasse stdaedt ond dae huere laerm. Mer hoffed mer gsaend eu au no in ushuaia aber da mer am 13januar in salta muend si (vo ushuaia bes salta esch sowit wie vo bade uf bagdad) choemer das noni saege. Hasta la pasta y cuzainsePazzzdzzz


  2. enough with the ed hardy knock-offs! graphic tees are for frat boys who haven’t learned how to dress themselves now that mommy’s not shopping for them anymore. even ed hardy himself doesn’t want to be associated with them (he uses his middle name to market the mass-produced club-wear crap and uses his first name on his actual art).


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